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FireWire Cable 6 Pin to 6 Pin IEEE 1394 Lead

  • Price: £1.92

  • Brand New - Retail packed
  • Ideal for linking 2 PC's
  • IEEE 1394 FireWire Cable
  • Approx 1.8 Mtr 6' Long Cable
  • High quality, fully moulded

Cablestar's FireWire Cable lets you transfer data faster than ever. It attaches devices with 6-pin ports (like digital camcorders) quickly and easily to your laptop or another audio video device. With a transmission rate of up to 400Mbps, Cablestar offers you a high-speed serial bus cable with Plug-and-Play technology.

This1.8 meter, 6-pin to 6-pin cable is primarily used for connecting FireWire, 6-pin enabled devices to a 6 pin Port / Socket. It is also possible to network 2 PC's via FireWire. The FireWire cable plugs into a 6 pin Port commonly found on a Desktop PC.

High Performance Universal I/O with Data Rates up to and exceeding 400 Mbps, designed around Plug and Play and Hot Swap technologies, the IEEE 1394 port is used to handle Bandwidth intensive fast serial devices, such as Digital Video Camcorders, High Resolution Digital Cameras, HDTV, Set-Top Boxes, Hard Disks, External Disk Drives and CD / DVD-ROM/RW Drives, Printers and Scanners.

FireWire also supports compressed / uncompressed Video support. The IEEE 1394 1995 Standard provides for half-duplex data transmission at 100, 200 and 400 Mbps. At present 100, 200 and 400 Mbps devices are designed to operate on the same bus. Up to 63 devices may be connected on a single bus segment, but bus segments may be bridged together, making it possible to connect many multiples of 63 devices. IEEE 1394 FireWire allows peripherals to be added or disconnected from a computer without the need to reboot.

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